Publicly Sourced Testimonials

Below is compilation of recommendations from a testimonial survey focused on character and abilities as determining factors for a leadership summit qualification for Shalom Dickson. For verification, contact details of any participants are made available upon request.

Well, Shalom strikes me as someone that is not just smart, but someone that thinks outside the box, someone that sees life from a whole different paradigm than a lot of people do. So if the Summit is for young promising minds, I believe that is a partial description of him. In other words, yes, I believe he has what it takes to represent his country.

"Unconventional" - Anonymous

…You have got the desire, the mindset, and the talent to represent Nigeria sir. Really Nigerians have a lot to learn from you sir. Your passion and drive to lead Nigeria forward to the Promised Land is so realistic and forensic. And your passion to train up the youths and children of Nigeria in order to train, equip and show them the way to assessing a great and better future!!

"Industrious" - Anonymous

He is a very passionate individual, highly focused and has a very great sense of humour. He has the ability to help keep people around him motivated and he’s wonderful when it comes to carrying people along as no one gets left behind and that’s a good quality of a leader. Shalom is a wonderful teacher, very patient and slow to anger.

"Dynamic" - Anonymous

Because of your determination to succeed no matter the circumstances. You keep pushing and pushing against all odds and that’s something that youths need to have especially in the society we find ourselves.

"Determinatined" - Anonymous

Shalom Dickson is rare gem, He is a fascinating young man full of so much creativity. He possesses some innate abilities that needs to be showcased. He is more than qualified to participate in this summit.

"Rare" - Anonymous

Shalom is one of the deepest thinkers I know and he is full of so many awe inspiring ideas as the above subject matter refers, a promising young leader should be a deep thinker, one with creative ideas that will move Nigeria and the world at large forward.

"Thinker" - Anonymous

For creativity sake and insight, he’s well accomplished in solving tasks in due time, can also spot uniqueness in individuals.

"Intelligent" - Anonymous

He is innovative; brings up ideas (although he can be annoying to deal with), considerate and open-minded he never condemns even when everyone is wrong.

"Leader, Innovative" - Anonymous

Shalom is an engaging thinker. He thinks critically and helps foster conversation around topics that are rarely questioned from simple issues to more complicated ones.

"Thinker" - Anonymous

He’s got the creativity needed for solving problems. Pragmatic personnel, open minded that’s why he never stops learning.

"Genius" - Anonymous

He possesses the ability to delegate communication skills confidence creativity positive attitude honesty.

"Shalom!" - Anonymous

He’s done so many things to be proud of… And he has what it takes to be a great leader.

"Awesome" - Anonymous

He is a very talented creator. He doesn’t like to follow the crowd, he thinks of new better ways to make things work for good. He is a leader and always tries to make his idea(s) understood by his followers.

"Creator" - Anonymous

I’ve known Shalom for a long time now and not only is he a creative being but also possess the ability to represent the country anywhere and anytime. One thing I’ll say is Shalom is a rare gem and he’s always at his best.

"Rare" - Anonymous

I don’t think you have what it takes rather I’m convinced you have what it takes. Working with you for few months, I have discovered that you have a lot of ideas and dreams and you are a great leader.

"Dreamer" - Anonymous

He is born a leader. He has all what it takes to succeed, he has the qualities and attributes of a leader.

"Blessing" - Anonymous

You’re full of surprises. And don’t seem to have reached your limits yet.

"Surprising" - Anonymous

One of the smartest and vision oriented people I know. He brings a unique perspective to everything.

"Wise" - Anonymous

He is ridiculously smart, an embodiment of excellence and creativity.

"Bright" - Anonymous

You have what it takes because you have a great mind and you think outside the box which is what we need in our country.

"Great" - Anonymous

Because you’ve got a nice character and you’re a good leader.

"Leader" - Anonymous

Shalom is very insightful. He possesses great comprehension and critical thinking skills. He’ll make a great mentor to put African youths on the road of map of truly discovering and developing their potentials not just for self-gain, but for the emerging of the great African continent. You’re well able to put Africa on the road map to her next level. Good luck!

"Genius" - Anonymous