SDARCXIS – LEVEL V is the second level of a series of application challenge problems designed as a part of the applications for The Solutionist Contest, a rigorous intellectual competition for autodidacts, undergraduates, and others who reside in Nigeria. Solving this problem makes one eligible for direct entry into the tournament workshop, to compete for a share in the ₦1,000,000 prize, and a slot for a 3-month internship.

The only solution attempt submitted for the previous problem, SDARCXIS – LEVEL X, was made by Abolaji Mustapha, an autodidact with some university education who resides in Lagos. It was only partially consistent with the intended solution, but reflected a sound interpretation of some of the concepts. There were other comments about the problem, including more confirmed attempts.

This problem, as well as all application challenge problems are open to all members of the public, but only eligible candidates will be considered for the Contest via it. It is much less difficult than the previous level, and so 10 solvers will be satisfactory.

Get a PDF copy of SDARCXIS – LEVEL V here:

Participants have 48 hours, from 18:00 WAT on 10/12/22, to solve this, after which it will be considered for closure. All solution attempts will be considered carefully.

We have developed a classification of three specializations of The Solutionist:

– The Logician: Complex abstract-logical problem-solving
– The Thinker: Novelty and original ideation
– The Innovator: Research-driven, fact-based design of practical solutions

This problem tests for all 3 specializations, but the most apparent is that of the Logician. Some of the abilities tested include verbal, numerical, logical and spatial abilities. Some knowledge of math term and concepts are required but all of it can be learned during the course of the challenge by consulting references.

There were over 300 confirmed downloads of the last problem. This is not completely terrible, but we need to reach more people to increase our chances of finding the best of the best. Also, we are not reaching a satisfactory number of self-taught individuals who did not attend university. Help us solve these! You are invited to share SDARCXIS – LEVEL V via the link to this page and with the poster below:

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