This is the first part of a series of increasingly simplified problems, all of which are difficult. SDARCXIS – LEVEL X is the first window into The Solutionist Contest, a rigorous intellectual challenge for autodidacts and undergraduates in Nigeria. Anyone who passes the test will earn “application points”, enabling them to be considered for direct entry into the Workshop phase of the program, bypassing much of the general screening evaluations to compete for a share in the ₦1,000,000 (one million naira) fund.

This is a wickedly difficult problem. It will test you in numerous aspects of thinking and to various depths, whose applications in everyday challenges might not be obvious. For instance, your verbal reasoning will be subjected to serious punishment, and this reflects the kind of mental manipulation required to comprehend complex phenomena. It would take a master solutionist to successfully overcome the problems therein.

Find your PDF copy of SDARCXIS – LEVEL X here:

This level contains the most difficult framing of the problem information. Subsequent levels will be increasingly easier to increase the chances of finding a solver. The lower the level at which the problem is solved, the higher the probability that anyone else could have solved it, and thus lower the application points allocated to the top scorers. SDARCXIS – LEVEL X will expire when a new level is published, and this is expected to happen between 24 – 48 hours from when this goes live.

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