Pioneer’s Pinhole – The Solutionist Contest Application Challenge

Provided primal programs progress, pioneer participant pathfinders, persevering principal propagators, prevail past present preservers.

Created by The Solutionist, Pioneer’s Pinhole is a powerful problem for prodigious people.

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This problem was designed to test the three specializations of The Solutionist in the order: Innovator > Thinker > Logician.

Pioneer’s Pinhole prioritizes the aspects of problem-solving that are naturally engaged in creating new approaches to doing things in everyday life. This is domain of the oddball; the eccentric’s arena. Here, the unusual is the norm.

The problems consist of items testing original thinking, the ability to develop ideas from suggestions, the use of researched information to apply novel solutions, etc. This differs from the abilities supposedly tested in previous application challenges, but conquering them is not necessarily easier to accomplish accurately.

As an application challenge problem for The Solutionist Contest, the deadline for submission is 22:00 on 20|12|2022.

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Pioneer’s Pinhole – The Solutionist Contest Application Challenge