The Solutionist

To those who believe life begins at forty, I’m an embryo floating in the seas. I cannot wait to be born.


Shalom Dickson is a multifunctional creative, solutionist and social entrepreneur. He is CEO and Head Ideas Developer at internovent – a social enterprise which works to design, develop and distribute solutions in various fields. Shalom is also the president of NGO – Novus Mentis a growing Web based network for gifted people who possess a passion for solving problems.


Shalom spent his early years in Cameroon where he attended King Solomon nursery and primary school. His family moved back in time for his 7th birthday to Nigeria where he completed basic education and attended three secondary schools graduating from Federal Government College Lagos (FGCL) in Ijanikin, Lagos State – Southwestern Nigeria in 2010.

Soon after his secondary school education at FGCL, he wrote the Cambridge Advance level Examination sitting for physics, chemistry and Mathematics at Educational Advancement Center (EAC) Ibadan, southwestern Nigeria, where he was nicknamed “Einstein”. Due to his obvious passion and proven understanding of physics, he was invited, along with a few other students to teach the next set of A Level students under the leadership of writer, youth and entrepreneurial mentor, Gbenga Adebambo – the then dean of sciences.


Shalom Dickson was born in Lagos, Nigeria into the Omoyanmola family. His father Dickson Omoyanmola is the Executive Director at D Karis Industries Ltd which engages in real Estate development, manufacturing and machine design. As a kid, he watched his father develop communities, formulate chemical products in his lab and build machines, and this inspired Shalom to build his own creations and growing with the mindset that if you wanted something, you should build it.

Growing up, Shalom was a curious and inquisitive character, who gazed at the stars often wondering what was out there. He often directed his questioning to his knowledgeable father who was always ready to give answers. He was either working on a project, thinking about the universe, or discussing ideas with friends. Most of his afternoons were spent building things and experimenting with nature. He also exhibited impressive skills in fine arts and building construction. Nevertheless, as a kid, in spite of his outstanding academic performance, he had reading difficulties and often forgot spellings – requiring reading assistance. These, he later learned, were symptoms of dyslexia. During his senior secondary school years, Shalom’s academic performance was inconsistent and he barely studied school work. He claims he had lost interest in academia in a questionnaire stating, “…that wasn’t the science I expected”. In reality, he actively participated in practical school projects in electronics and economics.

As an individual with a vast interest and a seemingly insatiable thirst for understanding, deciding what career to pursue proved a bit difficult. His initial intention to study multiple fields seemed unrealistic so he decided to choose a field. According to him, “It wasn’t a matter of what to do, but a matter of what not to do”.

Although he decided to study mechanical engineering, Shalom Dickson wasn’t satisfied with what was attainable in his country, he felt he needed a more intellectually stimulating academic environment; a science college with an active research center where creativity and inventiveness was encouraged. He attempted to get this outside his country but faced several setbacks while trying to, until he finally realized what he wanted to do with his career and discontinued during his last attempt. Although, his decision wasn’t readily accepted, he made up his mind and took steps to make sure his decision stood.

Shalom Dickson began building internovent in late 2015 with his partner – Precious Udegbue who both possess a passion for tackling socioeconomic problems in the Africa. The developed several solutions together, however, he coined the name internovent from the words intervene, innovate and invent in 2016. internovent works to design and distribute solutions in various fields such as agriculture, household services, and community development, refining ideas from software technology to business plans. Also, internovent frequently works with individuals and startups to develop their own ideas.


In March 2016, Shalom began developing Novus Mentis – A society for highly intelligent, exceptionally creative and resourceful individuals. Co-Founded with FearGod Okwubido Williams, Novus Mentis is home to creative artists, competitive chess players, entrepreneurs, musicians, software professionals, heads of social movement and more. Members of Novus Mentis are known as Novite and they work together to promote individual projects and to jointly participate in Novus Mentis projects.

Shalom Dickson enjoys to sing, rap and produce music during his leisure time. He writes songs, short notes, poems and has written a couple of unpublished short stories. Shalom disciples teenagers and hopes to inspire them to participate in the nation’s development especially as social entrepreneurs through public speaking and leading an exemplary life. He is often Master of Ceremonies in youth programs such as diners and seminars.

Shalom loves playing games such as chess, table tennis and mobile games involving logic, critical thinking and strategy. He is currently learning two languages – Spanish and Igbo. He is also active in physical fitness and body building.

Shalom Dickson has passion for certain academic fields which includes psychology and physics, hoping to dedicate his later years researching theoretical physics (cosmology) and neuroscience.


“I live in a society where the idea of genius is perceived as naturally foreign, and the gifted minds often feel out-of-place, they are either unrecognized or misperceived. Their quest to find an intellectually stimulating environment takes them out of the continent and many do not return. This results in the ‘brain drain’ due to the imbalance in exchange of human resources. Those among the gifted who cannot escape often settle for a lifestyle driven by frustration. This is the sad reality and Novus Mentis will make serious attempts towards reversing this situation. One of our future projects – New Brains Networks, will be a sibling organization focused on stimulating creativity and identifying uniqueness amongst children”.

Shalom Dickson’s Message to Young People: “I hope for young people to realize their place in this generation. And let them be unto younger ones, what they wished older ones were to them.”