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Yes, my full name is actually Omoyanmola Shalom Ademola, however Shalom Dickson is the name I feel one with so that's my pen name. This goes way back as a kid when I has Dickson as my last name on books. Dickson is my father's name so it's not completely made up.

My name preference is not an anti-cultural act. It's about identifying with my childhood self...which for some reason plays a very significant central role in my character. I'm not a certified psychologist, but I have some interesting suggestions as to why I'm seemingly obsessed with my childhood.

One afternoon while I was taking classes for my A Level program, we had physics. A question had been raised on a certain issue and as soon as I contributed from the backseat where I always sat, a certain friend called out EINSTEIN!!... And that was it. It never ended since then. Einstein had always been my favorite scientist especially in the previous couple of years so although I felt slightly uncomfortable at first, I eventually embraced the name. Who wouldn't.

Ever since, I've had people asking me this question in a bid to test whether I was worthy of the 'title'. I guess you have to earn these things over and over again.

Let's just say... I made some bold choices. My refusing to complete tertiary Education is partly a form of demonstration against the system which although may facilitate success in a handful of people, is essentially a fruitless venture for the general society.

I once sat in an office where I worked (with my A Level certificate) and watched multiple masters degree holders troop in applying for similar vacant positions. If you're about the money, getting a degree today is hardly a good investment. If you consider the hundreds of thousands of graduates we have produced in the past years and compare with our social, technological and economic growth, it is arguable that it isn't a good intellectual investment either.

People have mentioned that perhaps I should have just gotten a degree just to own one. If you can spend years absorbing irrelevant information and still excel in another field, imagine how much more you would have done if you channeled those resources into learning stuff that's actually important

My decision is actually due to my love for knowledge and education. Not the other way round. More and more people are beginning to admit how much of "a waste of time" some programs are. Eventually the system might implode on its own gravity. We have to actually act on these things not just complain about them in group discussions and forums, and I have my plans. We all should. For the sake of the coming generation.

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