Shalom Dickson

Solutionist • Social Entrepreneur and Innovator • Multifunctional Creative • Decipherer of the Universe

The Solutionist
Shalom Dickson is a solutionist, social innovator and entrepreneur. Daily activities include idea/concept design and development, analytical writing & thinking, teaching, learning and some public speaking. He is co-founder and Lead Ideas Developer at internovent, a social innovation startup company which tackles socioeconomic problems by development of innovative products and strategic business models.

A lover of truths, Shalom has a vast interest in science and arts including in areas such as physics, philosophy, neuroscience, music, psychology, sociology, language and economics. He applies insights from these fields to the art of social innovation.


Precious Udegbue

As a young leader in his immediate community, Shalom is passionate about bettering the socioeconomic welfare of both his immediate community and the world at large.

Precious Udegbue

Chijioke Nnamani

A creative dreamer and doer: I've heard him talk about ideas from building robots to changing the world but more importantly I've seen him try again and again.

Chijioke Nnamani

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